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Walking from London to Greece for Autism

In August 2020 we started a campaign with a mission to walk from London (UK) to SourotiThessaloniki (Greece) in three months with the purpose to raise £480,000 to create a nonprofit company that will offer 

  • Wellness holidays.

  •  Educational live and virtual Retreats for autism

  •  Information and services promoting wellness.

  • Research technologies that can support the community 

  • Creation of not for profit business with the purpose of reassuring our sustainable growth and commitment

  • Care home (Providing care to children with disabilities without parental support).

Due to unforeseen situations and the Covid lockdown, our walk stopped in Germany and we will continue our mission in 2023. Thank you for all your support.

Walking from London to              Greece 2020


We would like to share our mission with you and invite you to be a part of it. Have you ever thought how would be if your child never spoke and said, mammy, I love you? Mama my tummy hurts? How will your life be if your constant fear was what will happen to your child when you die.??? Imagine crying your eyes out because your child has no friends and can’t have fun with the other kids... Or being physically and emotionally hurt after your child's meltdown... The amount of stress that parents experience today is unquestionably very high... add 10 times for an autistic parent. We are parents of autistic children and we are struggling. Half of us are dealing with life-threatening diseases and autoimmune disorders and the other half of us use antidepressants. Studies have shown that autistic mums are more than 40% more likely to die of Cancer. 150% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease and 200% more likely to die from misadventures than other mums. At today's rate, by 2025 half of our children would be affected by autism. Children are diagnosed every day at different ages... At birth...2 years of age, 10 years old, 15 years old. Autism doesn't choose or favor, a particular group of individuals. And it is not just autism. Anxiety is rising Depression and mental disorders in children are rising juvenile diabetes Cancer The suicide rate among teenagers is rising Autism has been one of the most controversial medical issues. Leaving us the parents divided, instead of us holding each other on this journey. That alone adds more pressure to the families And now we are facing a pandemic that all the efforts and hardworking achievements are lost and many of our children have gone backward. It doesn't matter where you come from or if you have a different opinion about autism and developmental disorders. Now is the time to move forward regardless of our differences and together work towards understanding better autism. Only if we all get on the same level of understanding only then we would be able to bring a positive change in this world for our children. Opening the way for a Better Future Together As you will notice I am a short Greek mama of four with my two older diagnosed with autism. A meter and a half. I was isolated, judged, and broken... Failing my children not because I didn’t love them. But because I needed help and there was no one there to give me a helping hand so I could cope better To be seen and heard I had to think of something bigger than my height This is why I decide to walk from London to Souroti, Thessaloniki with the purpose to pay my respect to an Orthodox Saint that was always there for me helping me find my self. Find God Raise awareness for autism. And let everyone know that we are dedicated and determent to bring change by supporting thousands of children and families. Oh and raise £480.000 that we need for our programs. Now is the time to connect with ourselves It is time to connect with each other ... and take action. Only with your kind support, we will accomplish our mission. Thank you for watching Thank you for supporting our walk for a better future. A walk for autism God bless us all.

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