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Wellness family retreats

A wellness retreat for families. Parents and children would be able to relax and enjoy quality family time while they are offered bespoke protocol solutions for their children's individual needs. Sharing educational material and tools about dietary and natural/holistic interventions that successfully ease the symptoms of autism.

 A relaxing and festive atmosphere where we celebrate uniqueness




Horticultural garden therapy

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized by challenges with social interaction and communication. For parents of children with autism, learning to manage this condition requires a multidimensional approach, including consideration of food and nutrition. A personalised, nutritious diet can help manage behavioural problems, health risks and quality of life for kids with autism.

A garden space offers a unique environment that helps individuals develop the skills they need to grow and thrive. Gardening offers therapeutic value for so many conditions, supporting optimal physical and mental health. By improving physical, social, sensory, and emotional health, gardening can also help improve symptoms of autism while encouraging the development of critical life skills.


Celebrate uniqueness 

  • Child center approach 

  • Play-based activities

  • Motivation instead of repetition

  • Build connections by joining in their world.

  • Parents play a key role in their child's development.

  • Forget labels and see children and adults as human beings.

  • Create an environment that helps children to progress.

  • Respect and value their behaviors, because there is always a meaning

  • To believe that their potential is limitless

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