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1. The advancement of integrity 

• By meeting the highest ethical standards to our
• Being honest at all times
• Be accountable to each other, to the mission, to
our donors, partners, and the public

• Earn trust by building relationships, being
adequate, following through on all our commitments.

2. The advancement of environmental improvement.


• The promotion of sustainable development and
• Building pathways to connect us again with nature
• The promotion and practicing regenerative
agriculture and farming.  

3. The advancement of health

• By promoting (conventional, complementary,
holistic/alternative) medical treatments.
• Promoting science that has proven their
beneficial effect on health.

4. The advancement of citizenship and community development. 

• By promoting civic responsibility and good
• By promoting respect, forging healthy
relationships based on mutual benefit and trust
• Promoting community capacity building.

5. The relief of those in need by reason of disability, financial
hardship or other disadvantages


• Concerned with the care of children and adults
with disabilities. 
• Concerned with the relief of disability providing
specialist advice, support, and courses.

6. The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage, and science.

• By promoting arts, drama, dance, music, literature,
sculpture, painting, and cinema.
• By promoting crafts.

7. The advancement of human rights equality and diversity

• Concerned with the promotion of human rights,
relieving victims of human rights abuse.
• Promoting equality and diversity by the
elimination of discrimination on the grounds of neurodiversity
and disability




·      Increase awareness about autism and break down the barriers of isolation. Identify the real day-to-day struggles that families and individuals are going through being on this journey 


·       Increase awareness regarding naturopathy and energy medicine. Making them
accessible and affordable to families in need


·       Collaborate with other organizations and local groups that have the same vision.


·       Increase awareness about healthy eating/lifestyle/wellbeing.


·       Reduce impact of diagnosis and isolation in the family (Support System for parents/Education)


·       Offer employment opportunities to the local autistic community. (Agriculture/farming/cafe/catering)


·       Support regenerative agriculture. Building pathways to connect us again with nature


·       Create a foundation that will help us expand in the future to run programs and actions that would change significant peoples lives for the better. 


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