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AMKE Future for Autism is a charitable company in Greece with a mission to educate, inspire and support families of autistic children by sharing educational material and tools about, wellness, nature, and diet, and also introducing cutting-edge technologies that successfully help us to live a happy life. Building relationships, connecting ourselves with our kids, and nature  

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The problem

Autism has been one of the most controversial medical issues of our time. Too many different opinions left us, the parents divided rather than us being united on this journey. That alone adds more pressure on the families

  • Underlie medical conditions are often seen in autism.

  • Parental stress.

  • Not appropriate medical support and guidance.

  • Ineffective, overcomplicated and costly protocols and interventions.

  • Disconnection from nature and from each other.

Depression anxiety and mental disorders in children are raising. The suicide rate among teenagers is rising. 



  • ·      Increase awareness about autism and break down the barriers of isolation. Identify the real day-to-day struggles that families and individuals are going through on this journey 

  • ·       Increase awareness regarding naturopathy and energy medicine. Making them accessible and affordable to families in need

  • ·       Collaborate with other organizations and local groups that have the same vision. 

  • ·       Increase awareness about healthy eating/lifestyle/well-being.

  • ·       Reduce the impact of diagnosis and isolation in the family (Support System for parents/Education)

  • ·       Offer employment opportunities to the local autistic community. (Agriculture/farming/cafe/catering)

  • ·       Support regenerative agriculture. Building pathways to connect us again with nature

  • ·       Create a foundation that will help us expand in the future to run programs and actions that would change significant people's lives for the better. 


  • Wellness holidays.

  •  Educational live and virtual Retreats for autism

  • Providing information and services promoting wellness.

  • Research technologies that can support the community 

  • Creation of not for profit business with the purpose to reassure our sustainable growth and commitment

  • Care home (Providing care to children with disabilities without parental support)

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